Training Parents to Teach their Children

Parents today are a part of the “Lost Generations” that were formed post-Vatican II. The results of their formation lead them to make decisions for their children’s religious formation that are not meeting their real desire – to bring them up in the faith. Providing training for parents is an excellent way to help them to become the sound primary catechist the Church desires them to be. However, they cannot give what they do not have. They can’t give their kids a relationship with Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit if they do not have one. This must come first.

Creating events for parents that are often mandatory for their child’s reception of a sacrament can bring them to a place where they can be evangelized. This is quite a challenging task when you have a room full of angry parents who don’t really want to be there. This attitude can spread easily and quickly to their children. In recent years, NEM has been receiving requests for these types of presentations, and we have been getting favorable reviews from the Parishes who have brought us in for this work.

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We seek to provide parents with a clear understanding of what they may have missed in their own religious education. We will:

  1. Equip them with an accurate description of God’s saving plan;
  2. Help them to become properly disposed to God’s grace so that they are free to respond;
  3. Lead them to exercise their free will to say yes to God;
  4. Place them on the path toward growing in the fundamental disciplines of a disciple of Jesus Christ;
  5. Connect the dots of our Liturgical and Sacramental life so that are relevant within their daily lives.

Equipped with these foundational truths, parents will want to grow in their own relationship with Christ and, of course, desire that for their children. This can be done. It takes time, great effort and a committed crew that will bathe this in prayer.

What Else Does NEM Have to Offer Your Parish?

Eradicating Parish Lethargy
It seems that every year parish missions come and go with little to no real intention, other than leadership saying, “this is what we do every year.” How would you like to have a mission that accomplishes more than to have parishioners saying that it was good or bad? How would you like to have a mission that is combined with a process that will evangelize, train, and provide resolute vision?

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Parish Leadership Training on Vision
One of the major obstacles for parish implementation of the New Evangelization is the absence of a unified vision. Most members of a parish staff have never had any serious training on evangelization or discipleship. They are a group of individuals who come from different backgrounds, different home parishes, and different ministry experiences. Each has his or her own view or understanding of what evangelization and discipleship are, but often they work only within their own ministry and agenda…

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Pastoral Plan Development
One of the vital elements needed to provide for the spiritual needs of the parish is an infrastructure within which to do so. These systems are most often found within programs that parishes purchase from publishers or ministries. For example, a youth ministry program might use Life Teen, which provides the “how-to” (structure or infrastructure) to distribute the catechetical material to teens. Parishes like these programs because they are user-friendly. While this makes perfect sense in one way, it often causes problems as well…

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Volunteer Training
Because parishes come in distinctive sizes and with different needs, NEM also provides various forms of volunteer training. With almost 30 years of parish ministry experience, we can train volunteers in the relational ministry methods used for discipleship development. We are equipped to help form your volunteers in youth ministry, catechist training, and adult small group facilitation…

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Parish Staff Retreats
Very often one of the ways the enemy attacks the parish staffs today is to make them so busy “doing ministry” that they do not have time to pray. Reminding a parish staff of the call to pray always and attending to this critical discipline can help ministers revitalize their strength, avoid burnout, and continue to lead them into deeper Holy Spirit-led ministry…

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Specialized Seminars
We understand that parishes utilize a wide variety of activities and events to cater for the needs of their parishioners. With this in mind, we create presentations geared to the specific needs of an event. We are very committed to achieving goals with our presentations; it isn’t enough to show up and give a talk. We will ask you to define “what do you want to accomplish with this event?”

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