“It was very good to have him here again. Dcn. Ralph has always been one of my favorite speakers and I have quote of his from several years ago posted in my office window and on The Catacombs Youth Area news board! He was also the first to teach me that “God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.” One of my all-time favorite quotes and use it often with others.

I will miss him not speaking among the youth conferences and retreats but will surely now be able to look for opportunities for myself and parish adult volunteers to grow and live a life with Christ.” Brian, IN

“Deacon Ralph – thank you for the response! You ask how may I serve you? You already have and I ask that you continue to pray for me as I pray for you and your mission daily! The parish mission that you lead changed my life and saved my relationship with God, my wife and my family! God is so good and it’s awesome to be Catholic!!” Dean, WI

“I recently attended my parish mission which featured Dcn. Ralph. The location was St. Patrick in Brighton MI. The presentation was life changing for me & my faith formation in so many ways. At the end of the third night’s presentation the assembly was lead in a healing prayer. I would like to know if there is a resource where I can find that prayer. I’ve searched online but it doesn’t seem that the prayers I’ve found are the correct one.
Thank you for a truly enriching experience and for any information you can provide.”
Regards Cheree

Dear Deacon Ralph,

“You are so kind to personally return my communication. I have shared with my parents what an amazing, powerful message you gave and how I would love for them to experience the same. They are looking forward to hearing you speak this weekend!
I can’t tell you how much your words have impacted me…. At times I felt like you knew my story and you were directly speaking to just me. I feel there are no coincidences and God placed me there for a reason. Thank you for your clarity, direction and authentic rawness. Although your mission lasted 3 short days, it’s impact will remain with me for a lifetime.”


Hello Deacon- what a great message on Saturday really left me inspired and wanting more. thank you for all your work in the name of God! Damond

“I just wanted to say thank you for the powerful message you deliver. I attended the men’s conference yesterday in Duluth, not really knowing what to expect, and can say I left a changed man. I went to confession for the first time since joining the Catholic Church 18 years ago and it felt like the weight of the world fell off my shoulders. This conference was just what I needed to open my eyes and my heart.”
Thank You, Robert, MN

“That was an outstanding delivery yesterday! The Holy Spirit really fired you up man. It was of the same caliber as Fulton Sheen – straight talk about what needs to be spoken – TRUTH. You really have a gift to cut through B.S. And
Leave an impact crater. Thanks for all you do and the sacrifices you’ve made to do your Fathers Will – may you hear His Words “Well Done…” many years from now.”

Paul, MN

Dcn. Ralph, This email is overdue.

Thank you! I could go on and on about the impact made on the parish but this one is a personal thank you.
I had stated several times this year that a personal goal was to be a daily communicant. After the first night of mission my wife and I realized we had no more excuses. We are up to 4 times a week (Monday thru Friday).
This has given me a huge boost in ability to help disciple young people. I regularly meet with young people, high school and college outside of the normal youth group time when they ask for time to talk and especially for young men dealing with chastity I now say “you will be in my mass intention tomorrow morning”. I let the young people know that since they cannot get to daily mass because of class, and since I have the ability, I give them social backup in the struggle for chastity by going to daily mass.

Also, the advice you gave me in regards to my wife and I and my ministry when I drove you back from the high school that Wednesday really spoke to us. It tied in with your talk on the enemy and we have had the strength to rebuke the spirit of accusation and anxiety that has prevailed in our house for too long. I shared with her about me investing time in her, and she needing Jesus to be her savior, not I. We have taken those to heart and I find myself giving more real time at home.

Lastly, the idea of 4 tenets (In your Cross Booklet) really transformed the ministry we have at our house every other Monday for young adults, married and college singles. Real accountability and small group discipleship is flourishing. You gave me the language to use for people who already desired it, but now there’s a more definite structure. Several young men now talk openly about pornography in their own men’s small group and are keeping each other accountable in a real way. That ministry is growing good fruit.

Thank you for saying yes to the Holy Spirit by assisting parishes to Evangelize and Disciple.

Sincerely in Christ Jesus,

The following comments were in response to the Diocese of Lansing Conference on Evangelization. The Leadership Team of every parish in the Diocese was present.

“Dcn. Ralph,
The Lansing Diocesan Assembly was certainly a huge success for our diocese and I am thankful for your part in that success. Our Cursillo community learned much through participation at our exhibit table and by attending the conference sessions. Because of the vision you presented, we look forward to more opportunities to increase our knowledge and collaborate with the other ecclesial movements in our diocese as we all move forward with our bishop to evangelize our Church.”

God’s peace and blessings to you, your family and the work you do!
Jackie Rowe, Lay Director
Lansing Diocese Cursillo

“So a quick note to say you cranked a grand slam Wed/Thurs. Wonderfully organized, excellent speakers (Deacon Ralph especially resonated with me), delicious food, incredible crowd and a VERY tangible sense of the Holy Spirit….and a MC duo that was a laugh a minute.” GB, Lansing