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With the help of the Holy Spirit, our mission is to build stronger Catholic parishes that will lead hearts to Christ.

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Encounter Jesus, Without the Holy Spirit?

When we look at the call from our bishops and cardinals for a New Evangelization, we see many describing this encounter with Jesus that people should have. This kind of encounter is a conversion of the heart that people appear to have once they encounter Jesus. A great example of this kind of conversion is […]

Born Of Water

In His conversation with Nicodemus in John, chapter 3, Jesus revealed to him what one must do to attain Heaven. His first of two elements was this interesting term: “born of water.” (3:5) The reference to water immediately leads us to Baptism. However, I don’t believe we (church catechists) are effectively catechizing our students well […]

Parishes Need to Rivers Not Reservoirs

As I examine the landscape of most Catholic parishes, I think it is fair to say that most parishes have more of a defensive posture than offensive. Our parishioners speak of Jesus publicly within the protection of our church walls and gathering spaces. When there, we can speak boldly of Christ and His work in […]

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