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With the help of the Holy Spirit, our mission is to build stronger Catholic parishes that will lead hearts to Christ.

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Refocusing Your Parish Core to Evangelize

While reflecting on the state of the Church and where we are going, it is exciting to see that the local parishes are starting to focus in on Evangelization and Discipleship. There are great programs like Cursillo, Alpha, ChristLife, and Life In The Spirit Seminars breathing evangelistic life into the Church. One of the questions […]

Targeting the Parish Fringe

In just about every parish I visit these days, I am hearing about the dramatic and consistent drop in attendance at Mass and other activities. Everyone is describing to me the reality that our churches are declining and we must start to prepare for this drop in numbers. Most people would say that we are […]

A Lack of Conviction

When I a young teenager, going through my religious education, I recall going on a Diocesan retreat. There was a notable surprise about the retreat that meant nothing to me at the time, but in hindsight explains much of our current struggles to pass on the Faith. Most of the weekend (70%) was doing fun […]

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